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Walking On The Frozen Beach.

I was always afraid to walk on frozen lakes, but yesterday I decided to be brave and I walked on a frozen beach. I was still a bit scared, specially because some areas were slush instead of being completely frozen. I walked and walked further into the beach but for a minute, I stood there,  thinking πŸ’­ about the worst case scenarios that could possibly happen if the frozen ice wasn't strong enough to hold me. I heard ice cracking, which made it even scarier for me. My husband wasn't too comfortable either, specially since it's been warming up and some of the snow has been melting. We decided not to walk any further into the beach, just in case it wasn't safe. We got out of the danger zone, enjoyed the view from far away and we captured πŸ“Έ the good times!
      Exploring new places is something I always look forward to. Meditating on God's beautiful creation shows me how much wisdom and power Jehovah God has, to have created this earth so perfectly. There is n…

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